SUVs and Sedans parked together

What are the Top 3 Differences Between Sedans and SUVs?

3 Main Differences Between SUVs and Sedans

Since you are already here, we believe that you are interested in purchasing either an SUV or a sedan. At our dealership, we are always focused on helping our prospective customers understand and experience the vehicle purchase process better. There are some important differences between SUVs and sedans. By knowing them, you can quickly decide which type of vehicle suits you better.

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2022 Toyota Sienna XLE Woodland Special Edition

Watch the Video on the Best Family Cars with up to 8-Passengers Seating

Best Family Cars with up to 8-Passengers Seating: Minivans to Buy in 2022 

Many people would call them unexciting and would insist on buying a three-row SUV! But those drivers who must deal with a bunch of kids and groceries daily would tell you that there is no better family car than a minivan! In 2022 their numbers are shrinking, yet we still have a few newcomers to introduce and will review the best models to buy. Equipped with seating up to eight passengers, highly convenient sliding doors, and rear-seat entertainment centers to keep your party busy on every journey, modern MPVs offer all of this and so much more! Watch this video to discover the eight-passenger seating minivans to buy in 2022 with Matador Motors in Wolfforth, TX.  

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A young woman changing the tire on her car on the open road.

Got a flat tire? Learn How to Replace a Flat Tire With These Easy DIY Tips

Step-by-step guide on how to replace a flat tire  

It’s not uncommon to get a flat tire when you’re driving on the outskirts of Lubbock, TX. If help is at hand, it’s easy to replace a flat tire, but what should you do when you’re stuck with a flat tire and need to do the changing all by yourself? Changing a flat tire is not rocket science, and these helpful tips from Matador Motors in Wolfforth, TX, might come in handy, so check them out.  

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Vehicle Speedometer

How Do I Get Better Fuel Efficiency from My Vehicle?

5 Tips for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

One of the major factors that customers look out for when purchasing a vehicle is fuel mileage efficiency. Drivers who are super-conscious about this will ensure the efficiency offered is quite high. Others may not care so much about this. However, in the long run, a fuel-efficient driving process can help you save a lot of money.

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