2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Vehicle

What are the benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle?

All that you know about hybrid vehicles.

As climate change continues to become a major concern for the ecosystem, the automobile industry is becoming more aware of the environment. As a steppingstone, Hybrid vehicles are being introduced to reduce the carbon footprints as much as possible. There are several challenges in the making of pure hybrid cars. Hybrid technology combines the benefits of the electric motor and the conventional internal combustion engine. Matadors Motors provides a brief overview of different hybrid vehicles.

How is a hybrid vehicle different?

A hybrid vehicle, unlike a car with gasoline or diesel, is costlier. However, the cars that consume fuel cause emissions, causing adverse effects to our planet, and are noisy. On the other hand, an electric motor does not produce gases or make noise, nor does it use fossil fuels, provided the electricity is generated from renewable sources. Electric motors provide dynamic and faster acceleration. However, the range of electric cars depends on the batteries. Large batteries are expensive, making cars with internal combustion engines cheaper than electric cars.

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Types of hybrid car

There are two drive systems in a hybrid vehicle. However, the Hybrid type of car is based on the levels of electrification. A car can be a micro-hybrid, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full hybrid.

Interior view of a hybrid vehicle engine
2022 Hyundai Iconic Hybrid vehicle

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Micro hybrid

A micro-hybrid car works on an automatic start-stop mechanism to regain braking energy and store it in a classic 12V starter battery. However, this type of vehicle is driven exclusively by the internal combustion engine, eliminating the micro hybrids from the list of cars with a hybrid concept in many drive classifications.

Mild hybrid

Mild Hybrid Electric vehicles or MHEV have an electric motor in the drive system. However, it cannot work alone and is present only to support the internal combustion engine of a car.

Full hybrid

A Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle or an FHEV works on an electric motor and an IC engine together. Pure electric driving is possible for short trips within a few miles.

Plug-in hybrid

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle or a PHEV is a further developed full hybrid category. Vehicles with a plug-in hybrid can be charged at a charging station or a wall socket.

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