A man cleaning the interior seating in a vehicle with a blue cloth.

Car Sanitizing Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Tips on How to Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Sanitized

We use our vehicles all the time – going on road trips, daily commutes, or weekly stops at shops or to see friends. That’s why keeping your vehicle clean is important during this time. We at Matador Motors have a few tips to help you maintain a clean, sanitized vehicle.

Clean High-Use Areas More Often

Perhaps the most important part of cleaning your vehicle is in identifying high-touch surfaces before you clean. Germs can congregate anywhere, but more frequented surfaces are where you and others have a higher chance of carrying those germs with you after touching said surface. Identifying the high-traffic zones will give you a better idea of what types of cleaning solution you’ll need and how often you should clean to maintain a relatively germ-free interior.

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A person wearing a black glove wiping down the steering wheel inside a vehicle with a yellow cloth.

Use Correct Cleaning Solution for Specific Surfaces

Not all cleaning solutions work for different surfaces inside your vehicle. It is best to make sure what works before cleaning anything to prevent any potential damage. Some spots include:

  • Door Handles: As a popular place for hands, making sure to find a good cleaning solution (and using it often) is a great way to keep a clean space.
  • Steering wheel: Depending on the type of fabric, using certain products on steering wheels may ruin or degrade the material. Check the Owner’s Manual for proper cleaning methods.
  • Center Console: While the center screen is a high-traffic area, it’s best to prevent any electronic damage by using lighter-solution wipes.
  • Windows: Use of a window cleaner will keep them spotless, whereas a regular gleaner can leave marks that can get in the way of your vision.
  • Dashboard: Dashboard cleaners are everywhere in shops, though you may be able to make a nice solution at home. Be sure to consult the Owner’s Manual before cleaning.
  • Leatherette/Leather Seating: Using a solution for leather will help keep it moisturized and uncracked. Harsher chemical solutions can ruin upholstery.

Be Aware of Who Uses Your Vehicle

Another small tip to think about is to think about who uses your vehicle. Do you have young children or older relatives who often sit inside? Are you one to offer rides to people or allow a spouse or child borrow it for errands? Knowing who will be in your vehicle can help you gauge how often you should clean your vehicle, as well as what surfaces to keep clean.

Service Your Vehicle with us at Matador Motors

Between exterior washes and occasional interior cleaning times, you should be able to maintain a spick-and-span vehicle that is clean for you and passengers to feel comfortable. Plus, if there are any damages to your vehicle – interior or exterior – let us know! The Matador Motors staff would be happy to provide services to fix or refer you to proper methods on cleaning or regular vehicle maintenance.

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