A red 2016 Ford F-150 driving through the mud.

How to Improve the Fuel Economy in a Truck

Tips and Tricks on How to Improve the Fuel Efficiency in Your Truck

Purchasing a fresh truck can be an exciting time, regardless if it’s brand new or pre-owned. However, if you’re upgrading in size to one, there can sometimes be negative with purchasing one: low fuel economy. While trucks have been getting better, you may be spending more at the pump than you’re used to. At Matador Motors, we have some tips for those looking to improve the fuel economy inside a truck.

Use a GPS to Optimize Your Route

An easy way to ensure the efficiency of your work or personal truck is to use a GPS or other route-running device to map the most efficient course for your drive. In many cases, we don’t always take the fastest route when going from place to place. Utilizing a GPS system to route your drive may save you at the pump every time you use it!

The rear view of a white truck with an empty truck bed.

Keep Your Weight Limit as Light As Possible

A major factor when it comes to fuel economy is the overall weight of your vehicle. A fully-loaded truck bed can cause your engine to work harder in order to move – meaning you won’t meet your vehicle’s maximum fuel economy. A good way to maintain better fuel efficiencies is to pick and choose what accessories you may want added to your vehicle, as well as the amount of equipment you carry during everyday travel.

Buy the Right Tires and Check them Often

Different tires on your truck can provide you with much different results at times. This is especially true if you use your vehicle off-road or in wintry conditions further north. Using all-terrain, mud tires, or even all-season tires can cause your fuel efficiency to fluctuate. Purchasing tires and maintaining proper pressure in any vehicle will go a long way in saving you money at the pump.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly with Matador Motors

A final way to ensure maximum fuel efficiency in your truck is to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance. Between oil and filter changes, fluid levels, brake replacements, and more, keeping your truck in top shape will prevent your vehicle from degrading. Plus, you can do this with Matador Motors. If you’re in the Lubbock and Wolfforth area, stop in and schedule a maintenance job for your truck!

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