The side view of a tan Buick Century with rust along the bottom of the exterior.

How to Keep a Vehicle Rust-Free in Texas

Ways you Can Maintain a Rust-Free Vehicle in Texas

While our relatively dry and warm climate in Texas makes vehicle rusting much less of a risk, all vehicles can show exposed parts at some point in their life cycle. Even as a dealership in the Wolfforth area, Matador Motors ensures vehicles don’t rust over on our lot. However, if you’ve thought about trading or selling your vehicle, there are several ways to keep your vehicle rust-free to maximize its value.

Wash Your Car Often – Especially in Texas Winters

Everyone loves a clean vehicle. When it comes to cleaning and washing, your car can stave off any potential rust spots year-round. Even during the winter, washing is key. Salt is occasionally used on icy Lubbock roads on the rare occasion of ice and snow. While it’s used to melt ice, it can also erode your vehicle’s exterior even faster than summer rain. Be sure to wash both the exterior and interior to prevent any salt from damaging your vehicle.

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A person waxing a vehicle.

Apply Wax to the Exterior

After your vehicle is clean and dry, using a wax coating or other spray can help protect your vehicle’s surface layer. Any amount of dirt or grime can break through the paint job and begin accumulating particles to trap moisture in. After washes or before storage, using a was coating can help seal any potential areas where dirt, sand, or debris can erode your vehicle’s exterior.

Keep Your Interior Dry to Avoid Rust on the Inside

While Texas summer may bring pool or beach adventures, your interior is not always one-hundred percent safe from rusting. In this way, you should stay mindful of wet items in your vehicle. So long as there’s moisture, there is a risk of rust. Any spill or dripping should be cleaned up and dried with a towel or fan. Doing so will keep the moisture out. It may also be a great idea to invest in rubber floor mats, which can make clean-up easy after a hard day at work or accidental spill on the floor.

Find Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles near Wolfforth, TX at Matador Motors

Whether its protecting your own vehicle or finding a vehicle in good condition, Texas is a great spot to find rust-free vehicles. Especially in the Wolfforth, TX area, you can find quality pre-owned models available now at Matador Motors. Stop into our location or view our inventory online to find your next model.

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