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How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Hail Damage

Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe From Hail Damage During a Storm

As we’re into the month of May, the severe weather in our area begins to increase drastically. This means that severe weather threats – such as hail – become more of an issue for vehicle owners. Especially for owners looking to trade-in their model, hail damage can tank the value of your car! To prevent that, Matador Motors has a few ideas on how to keep your vehicle safe from hail damage.

Be Aware of Your Local Weather

One of the best things to do when looking out for the value of your car without a garage is to be aware of your local weather. With the number of mobile apps and weather stations on television, checking it once each morning can be a major help in preparing you for the potential risk of severe weather that day.

Buy a Car Cover or Carport

If you have the capabilities, purchasing a car cover or carport is a great option to protect your vehicle from hail. You can find cheap options at major retail stores to prepare you for the worst. A more practical option could be a car cover, as they provide complete coverage for your vehicle in a pinch!

A person driving close to a storm with lightning touching the ground.

Take Cover When Traveling

Sometimes, bad weather can find you while on the road. A good way to prevent any damage during a storm is to take cover under an underpass or covered parking area. If you know which direction the hail is coming from, you can even park behind a larger building on a city street if winds are strong. Plus, taking shelter during a storm is a good idea since the safety of you and your passengers should always come first.

Have an Emergency Plan

If you’re caught off-guard with no cover in sight for your vehicle, you can use a number of objects to protect your vehicle before hail hits. Some items include vehicle floor mats, heavy blankets, or towels. While these aren’t long-term options, they can help minimize the damage in a pinch.

Value Your Trade-In With us Near Wolfforth, TX

Making sure you have a plan in case of a hailstorm is important for both your safety and the value of your car. When you’re looking to trade-in that vehicle, come to us at Matador Motors and we’ll find you a quality price for your vehicle as-is. If you have any maintenance issues, our service center can also help. Schedule an appointment online today!

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