The side view of a red 2018 Kia Soul in a bright tunnel.

Is Buying a Kia Soul a Good Option in Texas?

A Discussion on Whether or not Buying a Kia Soul Would be a Good Option For Texas Drivers

The Kia brand has cast a wide net with its model options. At the head of the lineup is the Kia Soul As iconic as they come, the model has garnered much fame in the past two decades. With its unique, can’t-miss design and small stature, it’s a fun and exciting ride in cities and on interstates. But is it a good investment for those looking for a vehicle in Texas? We at Matador Motors investigate if buying a Kia Soul is a good option in the area.

What are the Cons of Buying a Kia Soul?

While the Kia Soul has a defined look and popularity surrounding it, there may be some downsides to the model. Historically, the Kia Soul has not received all-wheel drive. For those concerned about driving in slick or snowy conditions, this may be a turn-off. Plus, it’s smaller stature may not be ideal for larger families, nor those looking for at least ­some­ towing capacity. However, it can accommodate singles, couples, or young families.

The rear interior view of the cargo space available in the 2018 Kia Soul.

Benefits to Driving a Kia Soul in Texas

Though your truck-owning friends or relatives may scoff at the idea, purchasing a Kia Soul could be beneficial in the long run – especially a pre-owned one. Each year, the model is typically one of the most affordable models on the market at under or around $20,000. As we mentioned before, models dated up to 2021 do not receive all-wheel drive, but Texas winters rarely receive much snow, and it’s a strong model on those hot summer days. Plus, they are known for their strong fuel economy estimates. Models dating back to 2012 have up to an estimated 25 City / 30 Highway MPG, while the latest 2021 models offer upwards of 29 City / 35 Highway MPG. This can go a long way for your budget. Meanwhile, its ample cargo space rates high amongst its extra-small crossover competitors every year.

Find a Pre-Owned Kia Soul at Matador Motors

While you may be inclined to avoid the boxy-look of a Kia Soul, they can be a great addition to your life. With great fuel economy, affordability, and overall performance, it’s a solid investment in the Lubbock area. At Matador Motors, we typically receive a handful in our inventory each month. Stop in today or view our entire pre-owned inventory today!

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