The front side of a yellow 2017 Ford Focus.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Discontinued Vehicle?

The Potential Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle That Has Been Discontinued

We’ve all heard about a time when someone’s vehicle broke down. It may have even been you! If you need an affordable vehicle in a pinch, a discontinued model may work for your budget. But is it a good idea to buy it discontinued? At Matador motors, we explain several benefits to doing so in the Lubbock, TX area.

Vehicles Are Available At The Highest Discounted Rates

One major benefit of looking into discontinued models often comes in pricing. Due to their age and discontinuation, many dealerships are looking to sell them at lower prices. This can work in your favor – especially if you need a vehicle to get you from place to place without much frills. It can also help in emergencies, as their affordable nature can fit your emergency budget should your own vehicle isn’t an option anymore.

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The front side of a dark green 2016 Jeep Patriot.

Recently Discontinued Models Often Have Service Support

Another key benefit to purchasing a discontinued model is with recent models. While purchasing parts for older discontinued models can be difficult, recently discontinued options will often have service support. As an example, Ford discontinued its sedan lineup in 2018. However, it extended warranty support for certain engine aspects for years after the fact. Many brands will do this for a set number of years, which allows a brief opening of support while the value mentioned above tanks. Such newly-discontinued models may fall under this, including:

  • Kia Sedona
  • Ford Focus, Fiesta & Taurus
  • Ford Flex
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Volkswagen CC & Beetle
  • Buick Verano
  • And More

Find Affordable Discontinued Models at Matador Motors near Lubbock, TX

If you’re looking to find a vehicle that will work in the short-term, check out discontinued models at Matador Motors. Located in the Lubbock and Wolfforth, TX area, we offer a rotation of used and pre-owned vehicles for purchase. Stop into our location or visit our inventory online to see what we have on our lot!

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