The side view of an orange 2016 Toyota Tacoma parked next to a body of water.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle with High Mileage?

The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle with High Mileage

A common thought from many who look for a used vehicle is to find one with less mileage on it. But are there benefits to purchasing that pre-owned model that has high mileage? It may be easy to write them off, but there can be benefits to them. At Matador Motors, we look into the benefits of buying a high-mileage vehicle below:

Depreciation is Almost Non-Existent

The constant battle between new and recent models always comes in depreciation. The moment you leave a dealership, new vehicles can hemorrhage value. However, used vehicles with high mileage have already gone through the process. If you’re worried about losing value in a vehicle, purchasing a more used model can get you where you need to go. If the model does come across issues, you won’t be set back nearly as much as a new or lightly used vehicle.

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The side view of a gray 2017 Ford Focus.

Parts May Be Plentiful

In automotive circles, certain vehicle types are well known for their reliability. Such models include a wide variety of models, such as the Toyota Tacoma and Camry, the Honda Accord, the Ford Focus, and several others. Vehicles that are still on the market have a good chance of still having plenty of service parts. In this way, chances are high that you can keep the vehicle running despite service costs due to their commonality.

High Mileage Can Be Deceptive

While a vehicle with high mileage can indicate major wear, the type of mileage is what’s most important. Putting on a lot of miles each year is a good sign that a vehicle is used mostly on highways. Highway mileage is much easier on vehicles than the stop-and-go nature of inner-city driving. In this way, vehicles in the Wolfforth area can experience a lot of the former depending on vehicle history.

Find a Pre-Owned Vehicle at Matador Motors

High mileage vehicles may not always be as bad as you’d expect. However, doing research on the model and its history is incredibly important to make an informed investment. At Matador Motors, we can help you by offering pre-owned models across the automotive spectrum in our inventory. Stop into our location in Wolfforth, TX to find the right vehicle for you.

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