The front side of a white 2021 Hyundai Sante Fe driving off-road.

Pre-Owned Vehicles with All-Wheel Drive near Lubbock, TX

Find Pre-Owned Vehicles Equipped with All-Wheel Drive at Matador Motors near Lubbock, TX

While vehicles come in all different categories, they also come with varying degrees of capabilities. Traction on the road can be important to any buyer, even if it means sacrificing a bit of fuel economy to gain it. In this way, all-wheel drive vehicles provide an ample balance between front-wheel and four-wheel drivetrains. If you’re looking for a model with said balance in the Lubbock, TX area, be sure to continue reading to find out the benefits of owning a vehicle with the feature.

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

There are plenty of great reasons to purchase or lease a vehicle with all-wheel drive. As mentioned above, such models receive added traction on the road, as the mechanism shifts power amounts to every wheel. Doing so ensures that each tire can remain in action even during slippery or rough conditions. On top of that, many all-wheel drive vehicles don’t sacrifice as much fuel economy as four-wheel drive vehicles. In a sense, it’s the best of both worlds!

The front and side view of a white 2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with all-wheel drive.

What Type of Vehicles Offer All-Wheel Drive?

But where can you find all-wheel drive capabilities? In many cases, automotive brands offer the feature on many crossovers and SUVs. While trucks mainly focus on rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, several options are available in the class. Plus, several new 2020 and 2021 sedans offer the feature to provide such traction, including electric and hybrid models.

Do I Need All-Wheel Drive in Texas?

While all-wheel drive capabilities work incredibly well in wintry states, those looking for the power distribution can still benefit in Texas. If you drive off-road or through rougher road conditions, the drivetrain options provide the added support in case conditions turn muddy, sandy, or icy in our winter months. Plus, models may also have part-time AWD capabilities, allowing you to use it only when you need it.

Find a Pre-Owned All-Wheel Drive Vehicle at Matador Motors

With plenty of benefits to owning a vehicle with all-wheel drive, you can find select pre-owned or used models right in the Lubbock and Wolfforth, TX areas. Simply stop into Matador Motors and we can find you the model that fits your lifestyle. View our inventory online or visit our location directly for more information!

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