A dark gray 2016 Jeep Compass compared to a gray 2018 Jeep Compass.

Should I Buy an Older Vehicle With less Miles Than a Newer Vehicle?

Tips on If You Should or Shouldn’t Buy an Older Used Vehicle Over a Newer One with More Miles

When searching for a pre-owned vehicle, you might have been stuck in a decision. You found a great vehicle, but there’s another available that’s a newer year despite its higher mileage Do you go with the lower-mileage vehicle, or go with the more recent model? At Matador Motors, we give you some things to keep in mind when you ask yourself: “Should I buy an older vehicle with less miles than a newer one?”

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The front interior inside a 2018 Jeep Compass.

Be Aware of Generation Changes and Features You Want

Another point to make about purchasing a used vehicle is to watch for yearly changes. Each year, automotive brands enhance their vehicles or completely overhaul a model. If you’re looking at, say a 2016 Jeep Compass vs a 2018 model, they will be vastly different due to the generation change in the 2017 model year. This can include vast differences in the following:

  • Safety Features
  • Powertrain and Performance Features
  • CD Player and AM/FM Stereo System
  • Touchscreen Availability

Knowing what features you want ahead of time and what generations they come in may help you choose between vehicles more easily.

Proper Care of a Vehicle Is More Important Than Mileage

Another major point to make before buying a car is how the model has been taken care of. Especially when it comes to used models, you’ll want to look under the hood as well as the interior to know that each facet of the vehicle runs well and works. This means that regardless of age and higher mileage, an older generation vehicle could be the better option over a newer one or vice-versa. It’s best to be sure the vehicle has been taken care of so you know it has the chance to last longer.

Find Your Next Pre-Owned Vehicle at Matador Motors        

With these tips above, another way to avoid the hassle of researching is to purchase a vehicle directly from a dealer. At Matador Motors, we provide both servicing as well as proper information on our pre-owned vehicles on our lot. You can find your next vehicle with us in the Wolfforth and Lubbock, TX area! Stop in or check out our inventory online to get started!

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