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Should I Have Summer Tires or All-Season Tires near Lubbock, Texas

A Comparison Between Summer Tires and All-Season Tires for those in the Lubbock, TX Area

With Texas winter approaching in the next couple months, your tires may need updating. But you may be wondering whether you should purchase all-season tires or replace them with summer tires. At Matador Motors, we go over the differences to give you a better idea on what to do.

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Comparison Between Summer Tires and All-Season Tires

On the other hand, All-Season tires sacrifice an improvement in performance for all-around durability and general balance when it comes to road conditions. Because of this, they tend to be more durable than summer tires and can perform much better in icy conditions when the rare occasion happens.

While we won’t have much use for winter tires in most Texas areas, there is still the option between summer and all-season tires. But what’s the difference? Summer tires are more based for overall performance. They provide better agility and braking, and can fare well on corners. They also perform well in rainy conditions due to a distinct groove style but provide less ability in cooler temperatures and will wear out faster than other types.

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Lubbock, TX Climate and What it Says About Tire Needs

In general, what type of tire should you use in our area? To give us a better idea, it’s best to look at the overall climate. Our area experiences warmer weather – typically only reaching below freezing (32-degrees Fahrenheit) three months out of the year. With this small temperature window, all-season tires would work well – especially with any chance of slight ice. However, the remaining months provide warm weather that won’t degrade summer tires as much, offering you better performance. As a whole, you’d do best to have both types available, but it’s up to personal preference.

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In the end, those in the Texas area should consider having a set of all-season tires for winter months at least. Even if used for a quarter of the year, the tires can last many years beyond summer tires. It would also help you maintain your summer tire durability by avoiding cold temperatures with them. If you’re looking to replace tires or have your vehicle looked at, stop into Matador Motors in Lubbock, TX. Our technicians can help you out in a pinch!

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