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Six Weird Texas Driving Laws

Six of the Weirdest Texas Driving Laws You May Not know About

Law books can be filled with strange or silly local or state rulings. In some cases, many may not even apply to the modern day. However, Texas has its fair share of weird driving laws at both the local and state level. At Matador Motors, we decided to have some fun and offer up six of the strangest ones:     

1. It is Legal to Drive Without a Windshield, but illegal to Drive Without Wipers

A popular weird driving law in Texas comes within the front of the vehicle. While many off-roaders may love the optional windshield, it’s mandatory to still have windshield wipers!

2. Cannot Come Within an Arm’s Length of Alcohol in Lubbock, TX

Right in our own backyard, one weird driving law takes the cake in Lubbock. Drivers within city limits cannot drive within an arm’s length of bloodstream. And yes – that even includes Passengers who have it in their bloodstream. If you’re a little uncertain as to how close you come to the rule, it’s always best to simply get an Uber or Lyft instead.

3. If Charged with a DUI, Both Driver and Vehicle May Lose Their License

Similar to the last option, Texas State law has additional enforcements upon DUIs. Should you be charged with one, both the driver and the vehicle lose their licenses.

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4. It is Illegal Not to Use a Parking Brake in Denton County

Like many of us, using your parking brake seldom happens outside of inclines or declines. However, you must set your parking brake within Denton county limits (Fort Worth is most notable, here). This ensures your vehicle goes nowhere – even though it may be on a flat surface.

5. Keys Cannot Be in Ignition in Denton County

Attached to the law above, it is also illegal to leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition. While this is an obvious way to make it harder for vehicles to be stolen, doing such an act can result in a Class C Misdemeanor which carries up to a $500 ticket. You can get around this, however, with a remote starting system.

6. Illegal to Open Car Doors While Operating a Vehicle in San Antonio

While many of us have had to quickly open and shut our doors at a stop sign or traffic light, it is actually illegal in San Antonio. You may receive a ticket for opening your doors on a public street regardless if your vehicle is moving or stopped.

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