A man driving a vehicle with his hand on thegear shifter, which is associated with a manual transmission.

The Difference Between a Manual and Automatic Transmission

An Overview of the Differences Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

When you’re out looking for a vehicle, one major selling point may be in transmission options. Transmissions help control a vehicle’s speed, as it helps regulate the power generated by the engine to power the wheels. But between manual and automatic transmissions, which is right for you? Matador Motors provides the difference between the options below:

An image of a manual gearbox, or a manual transmission.

Manual Transmissions Offer Better Control

As mentioned in its name, manual transmissions are manually operated by the driver. Drivers operate the clutch and make the decision on when to change gears when accelerating or decelerating. The option typically costs less to install and is lighter than automatic transmissions. Both benefits can lead to a lower initial price as well as a slightly higher fuel economy. Plus, a large amount of people don’t know how to manually shift, leading to a lower theft potential. However, manual vehicles can be difficult to drive in certain areas (hilly, mountainous terrain) and can become an added chore on long commutes.

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Automatic Transmissions Easier to Use, Smoother Experience

While many vehicles began with manual transmissions, automatic transmissions are a great alternative for those not wanting to manually shift themselves. Built in two separate ways (traditional & dual-clutch), such options are easier to drive since it does the work itself. The benefit extends to traffic as well since it’s one less problem to worry about. However, automatic options are less fuel-efficient and will cost more due to the increased installation cost and weight additions.

Find a Pre-Owned Vehicle with an Automatic or Manual Transmission near Lubbock, TX

When all is said and done, you should always purchase a transmission that you’re comfortable with. Each option has its pros and cons and can be found in select make and models. If you’re looking for an affordable vehicle option, be sure to check out Matador Motors near Lubbock, TX. Our inventory offers both transmission choices! Stop in or visit our website today to start your search for a pre-owned vehicle.

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