A three-row burgundy 2020 Chevrolet Traverse SUV parked in a hilly, desert-grassland environment.

The Pros and Cons of Third-Row Seating

A List of Pros and Cons to Having Third Row Seating

While searching for your ideal model, you may have come across the third-row seating option. With their versatility and bonus seating capacity, it could be a big hit with the family or friend circle. However, the option does have its downsides. Here at Matador Motors, we create a list of pros and cons of the third-row seating option.

Pro: Additional Seating

The most obvious advantage to third-row seating is the added benefit of additional seating. Especially when it comes to larger families, seating capacity for up to 7-8 passengers can make a huge difference. Also, most third-row options work well with booster or safety seats for smaller children, so there won’t be a fight for space.

The rear interior of a three-row 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan packed with long, narrow work equipment.

Con: Loss of Cargo Space

On the downside, the obvious loss of cargo space is the primary drawback. Though many models offer adjustable or foldable third-row seats, the added equipment can significantly drop your luggage space. While you can recoup some of the space by packing what you need with a foldable or removable option, it can be a hassle to manage.

Pro: Versatility

Although space is the constant worry in the discussion, some modern third-row options offer ways to adjust the seats to what you need. With second- and third-row seats that can fold down individually, you can keep long, narrow items safely inside the cabin while you still have room for 3-4 passengers.

Con: Often More Expensive

Compared to other SUVs, models with third-row seating also tend to be more expensive. Whether this is in comparison to a large sedan, crossover, or large family-sized SUV, the price for additional seating could be more than you were hoping for. If third-row seating wasn’t on your wish list, you could avoid them altogether to save money for something else.

Find an Pre-Owned Third-Row Vehicle at Matador Motors

As a whole, it comes down to your own list of pros and cons. A third-row option is great for large families and friend circles, but a regular SUV can work well for a couple or small family. Although you may not have been looking for a third-row model, we at Matador Motors provide various options for both third row and regular SUV models. Stop in today to check out our selection, and don’t hesitate to call us at (806) 833-7300 for more information!

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