The frotn and side view of a blue 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum.

What is a Rear Power Liftgate?

An Overview on the Rear Power Liftgate Feature in Modern Vehicles

Convenience is a major factor when looking for the right vehicle. As a driver and passenger, having easy-to-use features – especially when it comes to technology – can be a major help every day. Rear power liftgates offer just that for easy access to a trunk or cargo area. But what is the feature, exactly? At Matador Motors, we go over what the feature is and where you can find the feature on the market.

A Rear Power Liftgate Offers Ease of Access

To provide additional convenience, a rear power liftgate is a feature that automatically opens and closes a rear hatch with a click of a button. The button can come in the form of inside the vehicle, on a key fob, and even on the interior of rear hatches. Beyond that, even more recent models offer a hands-free experience. Such options open the hatch with the wave over a rear sensor. Most sensors are foot sensors in the rear bumper.

A person using the hands-free rear power liftgate in a 2020 Mazda CX-9.

What Model Years Receive the Rear Power Liftgate?

In order to receive a model with a rear power liftgate, you won’t have to look hard in the modern used vehicle market. The 2013 Ford Escape was the first in its segment to offer hands-free capabilities, though you can receive a motor-propelled rear hatch in earlier models. With it being 2021, you can most likely find the option on many used vehicles from the last decade. Typically found on crossovers and minivans, some brands also offer the option in recent sedan and hatchback models. These vehicles include the smart trunk features on models like the Hyundai Accent, Elantra, and Sonata.

Find a Pre-Owned Vehicle with a Rear Power Liftgate at Matador Motors

With a wide range of vehicles available, you can find a quality pre-owned vehicle at Matador Motors. Our ever-changing inventory includes models with a rear power liftgate for easy access. Stop into our Wolfforth, TX location today or view our inventory online for more information!

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