An overview about hybrid and plug in vehicles.

What are the differences between a Plug-in Hybrid and a Full Electric vehicle?

Which one to choose between a Plug-in Hybrid and a Full Electric vehicle?

The world of automobiles is fast-changing. Most car manufacturers are now providing plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles. If you are new to these terms and don’t know how it would benefit you as a customer, this blog at Matador Motors will provide a brief explanation about both models. First, let’s get an idea about the concept of hybrid models. Hybrid vehicles are those models that have two different types of motors. Hybrid motors are further divided into multiple categories and depend on the level of electrification. We have micro-hybrid cars that work on an automatic mechanism that helps the car regain its braking energy and store it. Second, are mild hybrid vehicles that have an electric motor in their drive system. It is only present to support the internal combustion engine of a car and is not capable of working alone. Next comes a full hybrid car and works by combining the power of an electric motor and an IC engine. If one wished to have pure electric driving, it is only possible for short trips.

What is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle?

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is nothing but a hybrid category vehicle that has larger batteries alongside the petrol engine. These vehicles can be charged at a charging station or a wall socket as the batteries are too big to be recharged by the engine or regenerative braking alone. The 100% electric-powered range of a plug-in hybrid vehicle varies on the models but is usually under 30 miles.

Image of an electric vehicle charging

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A 3D Image of full electric vehicle charging.

What is an electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle only has an electric motor and have a single source of power which is their battery pack. They are safe for the environment as they are zero-emission cars 100% of the time. Pure electric vehicles are costlier than plug-in hybrid cars, and some have a compulsory monthly battery rental cost, adding to the overall price.

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