The side view of a 2021 Mazda MX-30, a European hybrid vehicle.

Why are there More Hybrid Vehicles in Europe?

Looking into Why Europe Receives more Hybrid Vehicle Options than the United States

When looking through the automotive market, you may have noticed a major difference in hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) between the United States and Europe. While the US has many different hybrid options to choose from in recent years, many options are first tested in Europe. Why is that, and why are there typically more hybrid vehicles in Europe? At Matador Motors, we look into the reasons why below:

The top and side view of a red 2021 Tesla Model 3.

European Emissions Standards are Stricter

Most importantly, European emissions standards are considered more strict and consistent wherever you go in the EU compared to the United States. While both countries gauge and look to decrease CO2 emissions, the European Union continuously revises its plans and guidelines. Manufacturers and other businesses often advertise driving green much more. This works to create a stricter, more encompassing system where hybrid and PHEV vehicles are valued. However, the US has started making stronger pushes for more efficient options. This has opened the pipeline for more investment and production for hybrids and EV vehicles!

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Fuel Prices are Higher

Another reason why there are more hybrid vehicles in Europe is that fuel prices are much higher compared to the United States. Unlike the US – which produces some oil – many European nations don’t have access and have to import most of it. This means a higher cost per barrel to import, as well as a higher tax on the product. Meanwhile, electricity is much more common, leading people to use hybrid or electric vehicles much more often.

European Infrastructure Better Suited for Distance Travel

In a lesser sense, the European layout is much better suited for Hybrid and electric vehicles than the United States. The US is filled with vast open spaces between cities, while Europe has a higher density of people in most areas. With more cities and infrastructure, it’s easier for people to drive local and travel long distances via train or plane. Those who own cars and drive local oftentimes can stay within their electric mileage capacity compared to the more spread-out towns and cities in the US.

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