A red 2021 Toyota Camry driving on a road during winter.

Winter Driving Tips for Weather near Lubbock, TX

Some Driving and Travel Tips for Rare Winter Weather around Lubbock, Texas

As residents of the Lubbock and Wolfforth, TX areas, we don’t always see snow or ice come our way. In fact, we may not even see either all year. However, you should be prepared each season in case of changing driving conditions. At Matador Motors, we want you to stay ready and prepared for those brief moments of snowfall in our area. The following are some tips on winter driving tips

Check Local Weather Weekly to Be Aware of Driving Conditions

As mentioned before, the Lubbock area doesn’t always receive a change in weather such as snow or ice. However, cold weather can affect your vehicle’s performance. Always be sure to check the local weather to prepare in case you make a longer trip. This way, you’ll know to prepare or pack added layers in case you are stranded and in need of assistance. The same can also be said for your tires, as consistent colder temperatures can affect your tire pressure, so be prepared to check them periodically ahead and after a string of colder nights.

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Upkeep Your Vehicle’s Fluids, Wiper Blades, and Heating

Another point to make when preparing for cooler weather is to keep your vehicle prepared. This includes general upkeep – vehicle fluids, wiper blades, and the like. Plus, you should always have electrical, heating, tire tread and age problems checked out before the weather hits. The preparation can help in the long run despite the occasional chance of snow and ice.

An orange snow plow layering salt on winter roads.

When in Doubt, Take Your Time When Driving on Winter Roads

If or when snow or ice does accumulate, driving can be more dangerous to those of us who haven’t driven on it often. The best course of action on such roadways is to take your time. Slow down and spread out on the roads in case other vehicles slip around you. Keep your distance from snowplows and schedule your drive times accordingly to give yourself more time to reach your destination in a timely manner. When braking, do it gently to maintain traction on such roads. While it’s not ideal, giving yourself the time and space cushion goes a long way to keeping you and your ride safe.

Service Your Vehicle with us at Matador Motors

If you need help preparing your vehicle for the season, stop into Matador Motors near Lubbock, TX. We have certified staff on-hand that can help you top off your fluids and check your tires for optimal driving in any season. Schedule a service with us or find your next vehicle in our inventory!

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