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Pre-Owned Sedans near Lubbock, TX

One of our most popular vehicle types at Matador Motors comes in pre-owned sedans. Smaller in frame but with plenty to like, these vehicles can be a great addition to any family due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Especially for those in the Lubbock and Wolfforth areas, a sedan is a great option regardless if it has front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Follow along below to find out the benefits to purchasing or leasing a pre-owned sedan through Matador Motors

Lower Price Than Other Pre-Owned Models

As a general rule of thumb, most sedan models cost much less to build for automotive companies. Built with less material and a smaller frame, sedans can be produced in an efficient manner compared to larger vehicles. This also translates to cost for customers – especially on the pre-owned market, where you don’t have to worry about added depreciation. Purchasing a pre-owned sedan is a great way to save on money by being able to purchase what features or trim level you really want. Plus, we at Matador Motors are a “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealership, so we work with you regardless of your credit!

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Plentiful Parts and Service Availability

Along similar lines, parts from sedan manufacturers are also usually more plentiful on the market. In case of a breakdown or any mechanical issue, pre-owned sedans can oftentimes be fixed for less than larger models or ones with turbocharged engines. While this depends on the brand, sedans can often be fixed quickly and cheaply. Plus, Matador Motors can even help you with your maintenance and servicing!

High Fuel Economy to Save You at the Pump

Even after you purchase or lease a pre-owned sedan, the vehicle can save you money where it can hit you the most: the gas pump. Toyota Corolla’s, Ford Fusion’s, and Hyundai Elantra’s are just a few of the models we receive often; each one can receive north of an estimated 30 MPG on average. This may almost be double what some truck models receive, meaning fewer stops on long drives can save you both time and money.

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Find a Pre-Owned Sedan at Your premier Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership near Lubbock, TX

As a premier “Buy Here, Pay Here’ dealership in the area, Matador Motors can work with you to find the right pre-owned sedan model for you and your budget. Plus, a sedan’s natural cost-effectiveness can make you feel even better about your purchase after the fact. Stop into our location near Lubbock, TX today to schedule a test drive.

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